Where we go

Montana Johns serves mainly the Gallatin Valley and surrounding areas. Helena, Butte, and Great Falls are also available, just let us know! We have worked with almost all event coordinators and many professional venues, so we can help suggest the right unit for your event. Do not forget Montana Johns can make any piece of ground into a venue, from a back yard to a Forest Service cabin to a hay field.

Montana Johns is expanding as quick as possible, and it is tough to meet the demand! To help ensure availability, the earlier you inquire, the better. You can call or email anytime to check availability and options. 


1. Invoicing: When a reservation is made an invoice noting the date and location of the event is created and sent to the purchaser and (if necessary) the coordinator. 


2. Deposit: a $300 deposit is required within 30 days of the invoice being created to secure the reservation.  Upon receipt of the deposit by Montana Johns, a receipt with be sent for the purchaser's records. The flat rate deposit applies to any unit reserved and is credited to the invoice at the time of delivery. 


3. Payment: Payment in full (minus the deposit) is due upon delivery of the unit on the agreed date of delivery. 


4. Non-payment: If the purchaser fails to pay, or is unable to pay the amount due on the day of delivery, Montana Johns reserves the right to refuse service. Failure to pay at delivery also results in a forfeiture of the deposit by the purchasing party. 


5. Cancellations: a.) If the purchasing party has made a reservation and not yet paid a deposit, the cancellation is final with no amount due. b.) Deposits once submitted and received are refundable as determined by Montana Johns on a case by case basis with more than 30 days between cancellation and the event date. c.) Cancellations within 30 days of the event forfeit any deposit to Montana Johns. 


Terms & Payment

To help make sure everything works as it should, we do have a few things to keep in mind:


1. Electricity. A typical wall outlet of 110 Volts and 20 Amps is sufficient. A dedicated circuit is preferred as we cannot guarentee there is enough power to run a trailer unit and other appliances using the same power source. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We have ways of decreasing power needs if necessary and can provide a very quiet generator for an additional fee if there is no power available.


2. Water. Fresh water can be hauled in if necessary but filling the tank on premises is preferred. A trailer unit does not need to be hooked up to a water source during the event.


3. A roughly level area to place the unit. While some leveling is possible, the more level the area, the better. 


4. Sometimes areas are simply not accessible for units of this size. While we are skilled at getting a trailer backed into some amazing places, it is advisable to make sure there is room before delivery. 

What we need