Trailer Units

Montana Johns currently has four units to choose from with more on the way. From the base model up to the rustic Montana unit, each has interior lights, air conditioning, flushable toilets, mirrors, and hot water. Basically everything you have grown accustomed to at home can be brought just about anywhere!

Tan Trailer


The tan trailer is an upgraded version of the base trailer with the same floorplan and an upgraded interior. A much more elegant color scheme combined with Mahogany trim lend an air of luxury even in the most remote places.

White Trailer


This trailer is great for both summer and winter events. With three restrooms, one for men, and two for women; it can comfortably accomodate your guests for an evening of fun. 

Champagne Trailer


Very similar to the tan trailer, this unit has one men's, one women's and one unisex bathroom. An upgraded interior is similar to the tan unit with wooden cabinets and wainscotting.

Rustic Trailer


The Montana Rustic trailer has a bit different floorplan. There are two restrooms, one for men and one for women; each with multiple stalls. A rustic exterior fits in very naturally with just about any Montana setting. 


This trailer is best for larger parties over 200 people and areas with lots of space.